I am a photographer and musician based in Brighton, England. Having studied and gained a degree in American Studies and Film Studies at Sussex University, my personal photographic work hopes to explore the visual iconography of the American West. Growing up in London, my familiarity with the States as a child was solely through films and media. My photos hope to capture moments of familiarity; scenes that are quintessentially Americana and yet new to me. There is a strong focus on colour and the distortion of it which lies in the gap between fantasy and reality.

In addition to my ongoing work on America, I have worked as cinematographer on music video shoots as well as artistic direction and am available for work as a photographer on sets or for portraits. 

On my site you can view my ongoing collection of personal work. All are available as prints. Feel free to contact me regarding prints, projects or anything else.


for queries and prints: henryjpearcemusic@gmail.com

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